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You've gotten a traffic ticket here in Las Vegas.

Your knee jerk reaction may be to just pay the fine, thinking it's not worth the trouble to fight your Las Vegas traffic ticket. The truth is, you may pay more than just the fine.

Fix My Ticket Now!
no points and no traffic school in most cases.
What Happens if You Pay Your Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Yourself


  • SPEND ALL DAY IN COURT - You go to the Las Vegas Regional Justice Center, spend about 15 minutes waiting in line for the Marshalls to scan your personal effects, then get to wait another 40-50 minutes in court, see the judge alone and then wait in line another 30-40 minutes to actually pay the fine, it's a real joy, make sure to try it at lunch time.
  • PAY THE FINE - In Las Vegas, one speeding ticket can be as high as $1,000.
  • PAY MORE MONEY THAN JUST THE FINE ITSELF - Increased insurance premiums, Las Vegas traffic tickets will take the average 6 month policy up around $250, that's with just one speeding ticket.
  • POINTS ON YOUR LICENSE - If you're job entails driving, your livelihood may be in jeopardy. If you don't want to get the points, you can...